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Underpinning ...

Here at SAU we offer two underpinning methods; Traditional Underpinning & Piled Underpinning.

Underpinning needs precise, conscientious planning, attention to detail and precisely following safety procedures are vital; imperfectly performed underpinning could eventually cause severe destruction to a building or even for it to collapse.


Approval of building regulations is typically required if you want to underpin a current foundation. A structural design for the underpinning, containing details of the construction procedure, may also be needed.


Prior to any key underpinning work commences, a trial hole will be dug next to the current foundation for a structural design and investigation for the cause of the problem


A common method is for small sections of underpinning to be installed individually; dependent on the size of the foundation that needs underpinning, it is occasionally possible to install more than one section at a time.


Building control inspect each section of underpinning before it is concreted. We liaise with building control before and during this process as part of our service.


What Is Underpinning?

When you hear the dreaded words subsidence or structural issues with your current property or a property you plan to buy these can cause sleepless nights and worry but here at SAU we can offer a full and cost effective solution at a fraction of the cost you might have thought initially.


Underpinning is a scheme that transfers the load of worn out structure to a suitable bearing stratum underneath ground. It takes into account the likely effects of ground heave, collapsing or negative skin friction that may force upon the structure.


When Is Underpinning Required?

When a building is subsiding. When a building is collapsing/sinking.


When a building is suffering from ground heave. When a structure is suffering from ground heave.


When the foundations of the building require to be depressed into the ground, typically to allow excavation under the original foundation depth, for example basement construction.


SAU are members of www.subsidenceforum.org.uk and www.structuralrepairsassociation.org and all our work is covered by a 12 year guarantee.  


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T: 01604 801080