Underpinning & Structural Repairs


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Structural Repairs ...

Cracks in buildings can progress for a variety of different reasons. It is vital to diagnose the origin cause of the cracking in order to be able to recommend the accurate crack repair system.  Most cracks can be diagnosed by the crack pattern and the position on the crack on the wall or structure.


SAU specialise in investigating, diagnosing, repairing and the monitoring of cracks.


Some of the most common causes of cracking on modern and period properties are:


  • Lintel Failure - typically caused by the removal of windows and doors on dated properties

  • Thermal Cracking - insufficient provision of movement joints is conceivably the most common reason of cracking in cavity wall construction.

  • Wall Tie Failure - corroding wall ties or insufficient quantity of ties can lead to cracking and in the most severe of cases make the structure or wall collapse

  • Lateral Restraint - inadequate tie-ing of the walls to the floor and roof joists causes cracking and bowing interior and externally, mostly on dated properties


SAU can offer you an a free investigation report  to find out the origin cause of the crack repairs to your property, then we can offer you with the most economical contemporary repair systems, with the slightest disturbance to all involved.


SAU operatives are extremely skilled and qualified in dealing with all kinds of current day repair systems for crack repairs.


This may mean fitting masonry reinforcement (Helical Bars), underpinning or rebuilding.


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T: 01604 801080

Chimney breast removal/support ...

Chimney breasts are often removed as a way to enlarge a room or change its current layout. In older properties is was popular for there to be fireplaces in each room so as to provide heat. However central heating is now the norm in properties and some regard the chimneys as taking up too much floor space.


Remove an existing chimney breast to create extra space or support an unsafe chimney in your home.


This work can be complete by installing gallows brackets or inserting a steel beam to ensure the work is structurally safe. SAU are members of assrc.org and offer their 12 year guarantee on all structural repairs.


The local authority building control will inspect any work undertaken and SAU will liaise with building control throughout to ensure a smooth process to your project.